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Who We Are ?

1 year of experience in Logistics services

For 1 year, Solidus Eclipse Transport has been making its clients’ businesses even better by expertly planning & managing their supply chain & logistics requirements. Solidus Eclipse Transport manages over $1 billion in inventory every day for Retail, Technology & Healthcare customers.

Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

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Our Service
We are caring about our customers and we are providing best services for you.
Cargo Transportation
We provide exceptional customer service, with 24/7 monitoring to ensure on time delivery, instant verbal PODs and personalized service from an assigned Solidus Eclipse customer service representative.
Air Freight
When you need the fastest mode of transportation, you can count on Solidus Eclipse's air freight service to deliver your cargo worldwide.
Ocean Freight
The operations of our ocean freight distribution alliances are strategically located at major key centres and ports around the world to promote the highest quality of transportation and service excellence.
Packaging & Storage
Solidus Eclipse offers their clients from diverse industries a wide range of customized industry solutions to address their supply chain needs and empowers them to focus on selling their products and growing their business.